A vigil in front of the Criminal Court in Aden request a speedy trial of sheikh al-Rawi's killers

A vigil  in front of the Criminal Court in Aden  request a speedy trial of sheikh al-Rawi's killers

The parents of the preacher Saman Abdulaziz al-Rawi on Sunday morning staged a vigil in front of the specialized criminal court in the interim capital Aden to demand the trial of those accused of his murder to be held quickly.

The protesters carried banners calling for speedy trial and bringing the defendants to justice, calling on the justice of the specialized criminal court to speed up the holding of the trial of the accused and bring to justice all those involved, including executors, planners and financiers.

The statement stressed that justice can only be achieved by revealing the full details of the heinous crime that has shaken society as a whole and inflicting the most severe deterrent punishments on criminals, calling on all local and international human rights organizations and bodies, social and civil actors, activists, media professionals, lawyers and other groups society to advocate and stand with all the families of the victims of assassinations until they reach full justice.

The statement thanked all those who supported human rights organizations, activists, media, community events, lawyers and social figures, as well as the Association of Families of Victims of Assassinations for their efforts to reach justice.

This vigil  comes after the specialized criminal court received the case file from the specialized criminal prosecution, whose contents were published in the media and social media platforms and the confessions of the three defendants about the details of their killing of Sheikh Al-Rawi in early 2016 and other circumstances of the crime.

The defendants' confessions contained serious information that people such as UAE officer Abu Salameh and deputy of the Transitional Council Hani Bin Brik and his brother Salah were involved in the case.

The assassination of Salafist Sheikh Samhan al-Rawi was the first in a series of assassinations involving more than 30 imams, preachers and influential figures in the interim capital.

The defendants' confessions included statements that the deputy of Transitional Council, Hani Bin Brik, had assigned the first accused "Helmi Jalal" to recruit assassination squads of (30) elements in order to clear a list of (25) personalities and imams of mosques in Aden headed by Sheikh Samhan al-Rawi.


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