Houthi militias kidnap 5 women on a transit bus in Al-Baydha

Houthi militias kidnap 5 women on a transit bus in Al-Baydha

Houthi gunmen abducted a number of women at one of their checkpoints in Radaa’ district of Al-Baydha province, central Yemen.

Witnesses said that at one of the group's checkpoints in Radaa’, Houthi militiamen abducted five women after being forcibly taken from a transport bus coming from Sana'a.

The September Net website quoted eyewitnesses as saying on Sunday that the militias took the kidnapped women to unknown places, after forcing the transit bus to leave and refusing to release the abductees.

Houthi militias impose severe restrictions on the movement of citizens from their areas of control (northern and western Yemen), travelers to the liberated eastern areas (Marib and Hadramout), and arrest through new points outside the city of Dhamar, and extend along the long line between Al-Baydha and Marib, dozens of travelling women and men.

The militias accuse the travelers of treason and employment of aggression and the (recognized) government, detaining dozens of them for hours, before releasing some of them for large sums of money, and transferring others to secret prisons in Dhamar and Sana'a.

In recent months, militias have abducted a number of women and forced other travelers to return after they were prevented from travelling to Hadramout and Al-Wadee’ah.

The Houthi militias have stepped up kidnappings and arrests of dozens of women, particularly in Sanaa, Hodeidah and Taiz, hiding a number of them, forcing others to confess to moral and criminal crimes they did not commit, as well as blackmailing their relatives and forcing them to pay ransom sought to maintain Reputations.

A report by Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms revealed dozens of crimes and violations of psychological and physical torture suffered by women abducted in Houthi prisons, and the report provided testimonies of a number of abducted women and the torture and brutal abuses they suffered, referring to the recruitment of more than 4,000 women by the group, in Several brigades for abuses and crimes against women in Yemen.


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