IRNA reveals results of meeting of coast guard commanders of Iran and UAE

IRNA reveals results of meeting of coast guard commanders of Iran and UAE

The commander of iran's border guards, Brig. Gen. Qassim Rezai, and the commander of the UAE Coast Guard, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ali Musleh al-Ahbabi, stressed the need to strengthen diplomatic relations between their countries and secure the Gulf.

Iran's official IRNA news agency reported that Rezai and Al-Hababi held a meeting in Tehran on Tuesday to "discuss ways to expand diplomatic relations and enhance border security between the two countries."

The Iranian border guard commander welcomed the visiting UAE delegation, saying that "the neighborhood in Islam means cooperation and compassion," while adding that the Islamic Republic has already established long-standing historical relations in various levels and fields with the United Arab Emirates. Relations are continuing today between investors, fishermen and businessmen.

According to IRNA, Rezai explained the current conditions in Iran's 8,000,755 km border areas, where he said that Iran is facing terrorist groups and drug transit operations in the eastern border areas.

"The phenomenon of smuggling poses a major dilemma for the border forces of the two countries, and this meeting will mark the beginning of a good level of security in this regard," Rezai said.

Noting to the "good" border relations between Iran and neighboring countries, the Iranian official said that "the issue of border protection is of a privileged importance and constitutes a bridge between the two sides, and the upgrading of bilateral relations, contributes to the sustainable security of the peoples of the two countries."

Rezai also stressed the development of border dealings between Iran and the UAE in order to facilitate conditions for businessmen, fishermen and tourists, and to "benefit the two peoples from these good relations."

The Iranian security chief stressed that the strategic Gulf region and the Sea of Oman belong to their peoples, saying: "We should not allow other states to compromise our regional security."

He stressed the importance of telephone and field contacts, saying: "By improving the level of bilateral cooperation, we can hold two meetings annually in Tehran and Abu Dhabi, as well as field meetings in the border areas, between the leaders of the two countries to contain border problems and work to solve them."

"Iran is a leader in the fight against drug trafficking, and we, as the UAE Coast Guard, appreciate the Islamic Republic's actions in this regard," said the commander of the UAE Coast Guard, who welcomed the development of border relations between the two countries.

During the meeting, the UAE security chief stressed the need to upgrade border relations, and to continue joint measures and sustainable coordination in order to ensure trade and maritime safety.

Brigadier General Al- Hababi stressed that the intervention of some countries in the first shipping lines raises problems in the region, which calls for improving relations to establish security in the Gulf and the Sea of Oman.


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