President summons central bank governor and vice president, urges them to achieve financial stability

President summons central bank governor and vice president, urges them to achieve financial stability

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi on Wednesday welcomed the governor of Yemen’s central bank and his deputy in an effort to contain the dispute between them.

The president stressed the importance of unifying efforts and possibilities to increase the pace of performance and achieve financial and economic stability associated with the performance and activity of the Central Bank of Yemen, and praised the efforts of the leadership of the Bank, which is working hard to overcome many difficulties and create financial and banking stability.

Private sources told Al-Masdar Online that President Hadi summoned Central Bank Governor Hafiz Ma'ayad and his deputy Shakib Hobaishi to Riyadh after their differences escalated and appeared in the form of mutual campaigns in the media and corruption charges.

The President also urged Bank Governor Hafiz Ma'ayed and his deputy Shakib Saeed Hobaishi to "strengthen resources in coordination and cooperation with various financial agencies and channels to recover the economic slowly and overcome the challenges due to the Houthi militias' rebellion against the homeland and tamper with its capabilities."

"With the solidarity and cooperation of the loyal people of the homeland and with the support of our brothers in the coalition led by our sister Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we will together overcome the various difficulties and move towards building a new federal Yemen," President Hadi said, according to the agency.

The meeting comes after the bank's governor's advisor was arrested by members of the National Security Agency and interrogated.

On July 18, Rashid al-Ansi, an advisor to the bank's governor, posted information and documents on his Facebook page about the deputy governor's collusion with his brother Nofal in acquiring 1.3billion and 35 million and two hundred and two hundred and fifty-two hundred and forty-five riyals in illegal ways.

While those close to the deputy governor are concerned that the dispute has erupted, the governor has assigned his supervisory advisor Rachid Al-Ansi to head the bank's treasury inventory committee, and leaked news about the security forces preventing the bank's headquarters from entering al-Ansi after midnight on July 19.

For his part, Central Bank Governor Hafiz Ma'ayad, and posted on his Facebook page an indirect explanation of his position on accusations of corruption, including illegal banking operations exceeded the limits of 180 million dollars at a price of 507 riyals, equivalent to 91 billion Yemeni riyals, in a period of not more than half a year.

In a lengthy statement posted on his Facebook page two days ago, Ma'ayed said: "When he accepted the post, I agree with the brother president of the republic to take the position of governor only for six months, and his acceptance of the post was a step to avoid economic collapse, and in general there is only a month left on the agreement, and the governor insists on to abide by that date." This was seen by observers waving the resignation as a result of reaching a deadlock with his deputy and senior bank officials who lined up with both sides and took part in the conflict as a regional aspect, in addition to money being seized in various ways.


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