Coalition mocks Houthi claims and says its forces freed 81 Africans from militias' grip in Sa’dah

Coalition mocks Houthi claims and says its forces freed 81 Africans from militias' grip in Sa’dah

An official source in the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, mocked the Houthis' claims that they controlled 15 military positions in Najran and Jizan in the past three days, and said that Yemeni forces supporting the coalition have become tens of kilometers deep in Sa'da and Hajjah.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the source confirmed that the Houthi terrorist militia suffers defeats and setbacks every day in various fronts of the fighting and has not made any progress since the start of the storm of firmness and the return of hope and therefore resort to fabricating lies that talk about fake victories through media means  to boost the morale of its fighters and supporters in their areas of control."

The source considered that the militia's claims and supported by sympathetic media trumpets are fairy tales added to hundreds of stories, fabrications and imaginary Houthi victories, the most recent of which was their claim to target a military site in Dammam, which reflects the false imagination of the Houthi militia and its media tools."

Earlier, the Saudi Press Agency quoted a source in the coalition forces, "Saudi forces carried out a qualitative operation that succeeded in rescuing 81 Africans in the liberated market of Al-Thabet, in Qataber district of Sa'dah governorate, which was used by Iranian-backed Houthi militias for human trafficking operations in Yemen's Sa'dah. ".

The agency published pictures of the freed Africans as they received an emergency relief operation launched by the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action

However, the agency later removed the news of the liberation of Saudi forces to Africans from its official website, and deleted the tweets related to it from social media sites without commenting on the subject.


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