A crime in a mosque. Organization reveals details of execution of 5 civilians by UAE-backed forces in southern Yemen

A crime in a mosque. Organization reveals details of execution of 5 civilians by  UAE-backed forces in southern Yemen

The (SAM) Organization for Rights and Freedoms on Saturday accused the UAE-backed security belt forces of killing five civilians last month at a mosque in al-Azarq directorate in the southern province of Al-Dhalea.

According to a report by the Geneva-run international organization, which investigated the killing of civilians on the 7th of last month in the village of "Hijrat Math’ad" of Al-Azariq Directorate in Al- Dhalea governorate, southern Yemen.

The report, entitled "Crime in the Mosque", said that recruits belonging to  "Security Belt" forces operating and funded by UAE carried out an extrajudicial murder against 5 Yemeni civilians in al-Tawhid Mosque, during and after Friday prayers in the village of " Hijrat Math’ad ", in Al-Azariq Directorate.

The victims belonged to Hashmi families, who had long lived in the village and followed the Shafi'i sect, the report said.

According to the report issued by The Sam organization on Saturday, it listened to 11 eyewitnesses and more than 20 official documents and correspondence, including forensic evidence and forensic reports.

According to official testimonies and documents, about a number of recruits came aboard a security belt vehicle to the village while residents were praying Friday prayers and began spreading and firing on the walls of al-Tawhid mosque from outside.

"Nearby houses and trees were hit by fire. Some soldiers were shooting up to the sky."

According to the report, gunmen stood at the mosque gate when the mosque's attendees finished praying and started shooting at worshippers and on the side of the mosque, resulting in two deaths and five injuries.

The gunmen also took six more worshippers from the mosque and executed three of them one by one in a gruesome manner.

The report described the incident as one of a number of extrajudicial executions and may amount to a "crime against humanity" for which the leadership of the pro-UAE security belt militia is responsible.

The report called on UAE forces in Yemen to work to hand over those accused of extrajudicial executions in the area of " Hijrat Math’ad " in Al-Dhalea governorate, to the security and judicial authorities of the legitimate government for trial for this crime.

He called on the Yemeni government to work seriously to resolve any security or military formations that do not belong to the ministries of interior and defense, and to enforce the law in force against violators, in order to ensure the security, safety and tranquility of society.


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