Public Conference leaders from "Ahmed Ali" wing arrive in Jeddah and refuse to meet with others loyal to President Hadi

Public Conference leaders from "Ahmed Ali" wing arrive in Jeddah and refuse to meet with others loyal to President Hadi

“AL-Masdar online” knew that leaders of the General People's Congress (GPC) from the former president's son Ahmed Ali Saleh's wing arrived in Jeddah at the invitation of Saudi Arabia as part of its efforts to try to reunite the Popular Congress Party.

According to the source, a group of leaders based in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi arrived Friday evening in the Saudi city of Jeddah, most notably "Fa’eqa Al-Sayed. Hammoud Al-Sufi, Abu Bakr al-Qurbi, Yahya Dwaid", but they refuse to hold any meetings with other leaders of the party loyal to President Hadi who reside in Riyadh.

These moves come as Saudi efforts seek to rally the Popular Congress Party, which Saudi Arabia believes could play an important role in Yemen's future political affairs.

The meetings were held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last month, attended by a number of conference leaders loyal to President Hadi, most notably Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher and Sultan al-Barakani, the meeting came out with the formation of a committee to communicate with the rest of the factions within the conference in order to come up with a unified leadership and vision that enables the party to regain its role..

It is noteworthy that the Popular Congress party has witnessed wide divisions at all levels since the party's president, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, decided to support the Houthis in invading the capital Sana'a and support their coup against the authority of President Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and the alliance with them completely later, and divisions increased after the killing of former President Ali Saleh by his Houthi allies after clashes between the two of them inside Sanaa in December 2017.

A large part of the Popular Congress party still maintains an alliance with the Houthi authorities in Sana'a, and in recent meetings announced the promotion of Ahmed Ali, the son of the former president of the General Committee, the party's highest leadership body.

According to the source, the leaders who arrived in Jeddah are only waiting to meet with those concerned from the Saudi side but, until now, they refuse to meet with any of the party leaders loyal to President Hadi, and the dispute is due to the insistence of the leaders coming from "Abu Dhabi" to choose Ahmed Ali as the head of the party, while the leaders in Riyadh believe that the most prominent role in the party's leadership should go to President Hadi and former Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghar.


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