Prime Minister: We are in high contact with coalition leaders to stop the violations in Aden and press for a solution

Prime Minister: We are in high contact with coalition leaders to stop the violations in Aden and press for a solution

Prime Minister Moin Abdul Malik said that the abuses taking place in Aden that harm and humiliate Yemeni citizens with regional motives cannot be tolerated, stressing that the government has made intensive contacts with the leaders of the Arab Coalition to stop the violations.

Commenting on the two-day attacks on citizens by regional motives, Abdul Malik added in a tweet, "We are in high contact with the coalition leaders to stop these violations and push for a solution, not to escalate hate speech and regional actions."

He explained that the violations taking place in Aden, which have serious tearing in the social fabric and weaken the front of legitimacy and the coalition in the face of the Militias of the Houthi rebel and the Iranian project in the region.

The head of the legitimate government expressed his high appreciation for the rejection of the sons of Aden and the rest of the southern provinces for all forms of violations that affected innocent citizens with regional motives, praising the role of social and political actors effective in preventing the escalation of violations that violate local laws,  international and morals of the Yemeni people," he said.

Abdul Malik reiterated the commitment of the government and the coalition to defend all citizens, stressing that "there is no room for compromise when it comes to people's lives and security, and we all have a responsibility to stop these violations and will bear the consequences of all those who call or justify the escalation of these violations.

The prime minister referred to the Houthis' attempts to "exploit what is happening in Aden,"" stressing that these attempts "will fail and will not change the fact that they are responsible for destroying state institutions and tearing the social fabric and committing the worst kinds of racist and criminal practices towards the Yemeni people everywhere in the homeland. ".

Since Last Thursday, the interim capital Aden (southern Yemen) has witnessed a wave of incitement and mobilization against workers and craftsmen belonging to the northern provinces by activists and leaders of the Southern Transitional Council and activists of the current demands for secession and those affiliated with the UAE, the Saudi arabia's main partner in the leadership of the Arab Coalition supporting the recognized government.

Over the past few days, gunmen belonging to UAE-backed security and military formations have deported citizens from the northern provinces and prevented others from crossing the city's borders based on their geographical identity.


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