With the scream and the green head bands. Houthi group celebrates graduation of 250 thousand students from summer centers

With the scream and the green head bands. Houthi group celebrates graduation of 250 thousand students from summer centers

Al-Houthi militia on Sunday celebrated the graduation of about a quarter of a million Yemeni students from the category of children and young people from the summer center set up by the group to serve its agenda in several provinces.

Similar to the Iranian revolutionary Guards celebrations, the group's celebrations were similar, with the militia distributing to the graduate students the Green head bands, bearing the group's slogan known as Scream, which was echoed by students at the closing ceremony in the "Al-Saleh" mosque in Sanaa.

Quarter of a million students and special curricula

According to official statistics released by the Houthis, 251,234 students attended summer centers distributed on 3,672 centers in the provinces under the group's control.

The militia distributed students enrolled to 5 levels according to age group, including more than 95,000 primary-level students, 87,000 first-level students, 47,000 second-level students, 18,000 students in the third, and 1,271 students at the fourth level.

During the study, students were taught special lessons by leaders and teachers loyal to the group, and were taught special curricula composed of the so-called "Curriculum Committee" formed by the group for this purpose.

From these centers, the group aims to prepare a generation of fighters to fill the deficit among the group, which has been declines by years of war that began in 2004 in its stronghold of Sa'da province.

The summer centers received high attention from the militia, starting with the group's leader, who addressed the center’s officials’ days after its opening and then at the end.

At the closing of the summer centers held at the Al-Saleh Mosque in Sana'a, the militia leader addressed a televised speech to the audience, thanking those who participated in the summer sessions.

Al-Houthi called for continued attracting more students beyond the summer holidays, adding, "We hope that the educational activities will continue after the summer courses in a course that suits the conditions and suits the school and university side and supporting activities and assistance."

In preparation for the fronts.

Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, head of the internationally unrecognized Sanaa government, hinted at the closing event that the fronts are waiting for these groups of students who have joined the summer centers.

Ben Habtoor described the moment students graduated as "the vital moment in the life of the young generation who met for weeks under one roof in order to adapt to the age of resistance."

"From here we declare that this generation, armed with the Qur'an, is aware of its historical responsibility as a resistance generation that rejects injustice and aggression," he added.

Fears of a generation to come

The Houthis' interest in the summer centers this year drew the attention of many analysts and activists who expressed concern about the Houthis' "recruitment and brainwashing" operation for the future generation.

Commenting on the pictures of graduates of the centers wearing green head bands, Abdul Salam Mohammed, head of Abaad Center for Studies, said the next Revolutionary Guard is coming, 5 years, those graduates will lead the Houthis.

"Is there anyone who expects this entity to remain trapped between Saada and Ibb, without looking at the sea and an eye behind the border?" he said on his Facebook account.

The minister of human rights in the legitimate government, Mohammed Askar, described the summer centers as "fueling the wars of the Houthi militias," referring to the Houthis recruiting these children into the group's fighters.

"These centers are conducting a systematic bombing of Yemen's future," he said on his Twitter account.


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