Source: Army arrests two who kidnapped soldiers in Marib

Source: Army arrests two who kidnapped soldiers in Marib

A tribal and military sources said Monday that the  Yemeni army has arrested two members of a gang that kidnapped officers and soldiers in the past few days in Marib province,.

The sources added to the reporter of "Al-Masdar Online" that the army arrested two of the gang near the entrance of al-Wade’ah land port  in the Province of "Hadramout".

The sources indicated that the two arrested elements were transferred to Hadramout province and handed over to the competent authorities to complete the proceedings.

The two members belong to a gang that in recent days abducted an army brigade commander, another officer and a number of soldiers.

The gang is demanding the release of one of its members, who was arrested at one point by security forces in Marib and accused by the authorities of killing a number of soldiers and smuggling drugs.

The gang has set up a section on the international line in the past few days and kidnapped the commander of the 7th Brigade Presidential Guards Brigadier General (Mohammed Wahan) and a number of his companions, in addition to the Brigadier General "Obaid Bazuhair", who was kidnapped by the gang earlier.


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