Accusing Houthis and al-Islah of being behind al-Jala camp attack. Ben Brik threatens to expel government, vows: Ready for war

Accusing  Houthis and al-Islah of being behind al-Jala camp attack. Ben Brik threatens to expel government, vows: Ready for war

The Deputy Chairman of the Southern Transitional Council Hani Ben Brik said that the attack on Al-Jala camp last Thursday was carried out through bilateral coordination between the Houthis and the Yemeni Reform Rally Party “Islah”,  noting that the latter is leading a dangerous plot to take control of the interim capital city of Aden in the south of the country.

The vice president of the Southern Transitional Council, which seeks to impose the secession of southern Yemen and receives support from the UAE, called for a peaceful demonstration against what he said were anti-Southern forces in a clear signal to the internationally recognized government and its allied forces, but said they are ready for war and military confrontation.

Ben Brik said they would not keep quiet about those who said they were pointing their weapons at the southern people, noting that any southern leader would respond strongly to any aggression against the people, without waiting for the leadership of the council.

Ben Brik, who was speaking at a press conference for a committee investigating the incident in Al-Jala Camp formed by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, said that the missile was fired from the northwest side of Aden and targeted Brigadier Munir al-Yafei through a mobile sim the moment he came down to receive the commander of the Arab Coalition forces in the city of Aden.

But he said the attack was planned to strike all those on the parade platform that included prominent leaders of the Arab Alliance and the Southern Transitional Council, not just Al-Yafei, he said.

Ben Brik said that they monitored movements of legitimacy to impose control of the situation in Aden after the incident, and said that vehicles and military crews of the forces of the legitimate government (internationally recognized) deployed in some of Aden’s directorates in order to control the city in the belief that the explosion hit the leadership of the Arab Alliance and the The Southern Transition Council together, as he described it.

Ben Brik, a controversial militant preacher who recently became a militia leader with an excellent relationship with Abu Dhabi, noted that the attacks, which targeted Sheikh Osman police north of Aden, and the headquarters of the security belt forces in al-Mahafad district in Abyan province, were linked to the attack on Al-Jala camp and were aimed at to spread chaos in preparation for the control of southern cities.


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