Statement by protesters in Aden stresses the expulsion of the government and calls on the president and the coalition to enable the 'transitional' to run the south

Statement by protesters in Aden stresses the expulsion of the government and calls on the president and the coalition to enable the 'transitional' to run the south

A statement issued by the "Southern People's Committee " in the interim capital Of Aden, in the south of the country, on Tuesday evening, stressed the immediate departure of what they said was the "government of occupation", in reference to the legitimate government recognized internationally.

The statement issued by the "Southern People's Committee", which was formed in the light of the outcome of a press conference held to uncover the circumstances of the incident in the Al-Jalaa camp, called on President Hadi and the leadership of the Saudi-led coalition to transfer all authorities from the southern regions "peacefully."

The statement, issued, confirmed the "evacuation of all northern military units stationed in the south, and their transfer to the fronts of the war against the Houthis in the north", and the implementation of the "tripartite commission agreement between (President Hadi's authority and the coalition) to remove all Camps from the capital Aden to the fronts, with the exception of logistics and support forces, and security in Aden to protect the security and stability of the city, as agreed.

"The assembled southern masses affirm their commitment to the historic Declaration of Aden, its full support for the Southern Transitional Council and its standing behind it as the political representative of the people of the south and its cause," the statement said.

The statement called on the president and the coalition to enable the Southern Transitional Council to manage the land of the south before May 21, 1990, and to manage the resources of southern Yemen smoothly without delay, stressing that "the strong will of our people represented by these masses will not leave without implementation of its demands."

The statement accused the legitimate government of partnering with Houthi militias and ISIS in carrying out the attacks that targeted the Al-Jala camp and the Police Department of Sheikh Osman in Aden last Thursday, pointing out that the government and the practices it manages caused damage to the south and the destruction of its institutions.

The statement said that the (recognized) government is waging a war against the South and its people, targeting its symbols and leadership, and is working to "empower terrorist organizations, militias, and continue chaos." A clear preparation for the return of the occupation and its forces to the south through unstoppable convoys of sleeper cells and terrorist elements."

The statement noted that southerners' patience had run out, noting that their protests continued to escalate, and included a call by military and security leaders from the southern regions to align themselves with the protesters' demands and work to restore their state.

The pro-UAE Transitional Council called for a rally in the public plaza , to expel the recognized government from Aden, in retaliation for the blood of those killed in two simultaneous attacks on Al-Jala camp and sheikh Osman police, which the Houthis and al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for last Thursday.


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