Abu Al-Yamama funeral and 10 killed in attack on Al-Jala camp in Aden

Abu Al-Yamama funeral and 10 killed in attack on Al-Jala camp in Aden

Thousands of citizens in Aden province on Wednesday mourned the body of Abu Al-Yamama Munir al-Yafei and 10 other soldiers killed in two double attacks on the Al-Jala camp and a police headquarters in Aden last Thursday.

Mourners performed funeral prayers for the bodies in The Banks Square in Crater, in the presence of leaders of the Southern Transitional Council.

After the prayer, the crowd headed the bodies to the "Al-Qatee’a" cemetery near the Ma'ashiq Palace, the seat of the Yemeni government, which the Southern transitional council demands to leave from Aden province.

The province of "Aden" witnessed during the past hours severe tension in a number of neighborhoods of the temporary capital Aden, especially the area of Crater and the surrounding area of Ma'ashiq, where the headquarters of the presidential palace where the legitimate government resides, as witnessed the flight of the warplanes of the Arab alliance, with the calls of Southern transitional council for the expulsion of the government supported by the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

Eyewitnesses and identical media sources reported that gunfire occurred near Ma'ashiq Palace, after the funeral of the bodies to the "Al- Qatee’a " cemetery.

Witnesses added that there were injuries in the shooting, without giving further details.


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