Two sources in Aden: "Transitional" forces have not withdrawn from positions they have taken

Two sources in Aden: "Transitional" forces have not withdrawn from positions they have taken

A military and local source told Al-Masdar Online that the forces of the so-called "Southern Transitional Council" have not yet withdrawn from the positions they have taken in Aden, contrary to what was reported in the media quoting the Arab coalition.

The sources added that the UAE-backed transitional forces still control the Ma'ashiq Palace and the presidential brigades, and have not withdrawn from any military or civilian positions they have taken in Aden.

This information is consistent with the speeches and statements made by the leaders of the "transitional" where Hani Ben Brik, vice president of the "transitional", announced the council's refusal to withdraw its forces or participate in negotiations under the threat of aircraft, reminding Saudi Arabia of its inability to resolve the battle with the Houthis for five years.

In the context, Aydros Zubeidi, the head of the "transitional" from any sign of withdrawal from the sites, promised to take control of other areas such as the Hadramaut Valley, Bayhan in Shabwa province, which are under the control of the legitimate government, and Mukairas, which is under the control of the Houthi group, from what he described as "terrorism".

Nizar Haitham, spokesman for the Southern Transition, said that "there is no withdrawal", and said in a statement quoted by Bloomberg news agency: "Who are we going to hand over these camps to? This should be discussed during the talks called for by the Coalition."

"Southerners are ready to reach a political compromise away from the hegemony or guardianship of the Muslim Brotherhood or the Houthis," Haitham said. According to him.

In recent days, the UAE-backed Transitional Council (STC) has carried out a military coup in the interim capital, Aden, during which it took control of the government's legitimate camps and the Ma'ashiq Palace, the government's headquarters.

Following the coup, the Arab Coalition requested an immediate ceasefire, the immediate return of all military components and formations from the transitional and security belt forces to their positions, withdrawal from the positions they had captured in the past days, and no damage to public and private property.

Al-Arabiya tv quoted an official source in the Coalition for The Support of Legitimacy in Yemen, on Sunday, that the forces of the "Transitional Council" began to withdraw from some locations, but the information from Aden in addition to the statements of Ben Brik and Zubeidi indicates that the transitional forces "remain and expand."

On Sunday, the King met with the Yemeni president, his deputy and the prime minister, and confirmed his government's commitment to the goals of The Storm of Firmness in protecting legitimacy and restoring Yemen under its authority, stressing the kingdom's rejection of the practices of southern transition, according to the state-run Saba news agency.


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