An Iranian cleric close to Khamenei reveals dangerous information

An Iranian cleric close to Khamenei reveals dangerous information

"We consider your state to be an extension of the Line of the Prophet of Islam (peace upon him) and the mandate of the Amir of the Believers (p)," and your Haidari and Alawite positions in support of the oppressed Yemeni people are an extension of the line of Imam Khomeini (Jerusalem) and a cause of blessing and morale."

The head of the Houthi delegation to Tehran, Mohammad Abdul Salam, addressed Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, as revealed by Iran's Fars news agency, in a meeting that brought the Houthi delegation to Khamenei, and the delegation delivered a message from Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

Did the Houthis announce allegiance to Khamenei as their imam?

This question is raised by the words of the head of the Houthi delegation revealed by the Fars news agency, not to mention other questions about the significance, timing and content of this meeting, as well as the content of the secret message conveyed by the leader of the Houthi movement to the "leader of the revolution Khamenei ", as described in the Iranian media, , which he appeared reading the text of that letter.

The Iranian-concerned website "Jada Iran" tried to answer this important question, revealing dangerous information published by an Iranian cleric close to the Iranian house of “ Khamenei ".

The website noted that the meeting in which Khamenei received a special message addressed to him from the leader of the Houthi movement, included along with Abdul Salam, other leaders of the Houthis, Khamenei advisor for international affairs Ali Velayati and director of the office of the Leader Mohammad Galbegani.

He said that the significance of the meeting could not be limited to the format as some analysts had suggested, nor to jump from the time it came, as well as the content announced after the meeting between the two parties.

In terms of timing, he adds, Abdeslam's visit to Iran was following the UAE-Iranian meetings in the capital, Tehran, and came after UAE-backed forces declared control of Aden in southern Yemen, ending the presence of Saudi-backed military forces.

Khamenei commented on this new conflict between yesterday's allies, saying that the Saudis and Emiratis are seeking to divide Yemen and have committed major crimes there, but they will not reach a conclusion, he said.

The website referred to what the chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Ansar Allah Mohammed Ali al-Houthi revealed the reasons for the presence of the movement's delegation in Tehran, where he tweeted, asking whether the delegation's invitation to Iran to discuss what was agreed with the UAE?

On the content side, Khamenei addressed the head of the delegation, saying, "We consider your state an extension of the line of the Prophet of Islam and the mandate of the Amir al-Mu'minin (p)," adding that Khamenei's positions in supporting the oppressed Yemeni people represent an extension of imam Khomeini's line.

The website said that the Iranian cleric close to the house of Khamenei guide Camille Baqerzadeh, hastened to explain what was said in al-Houthi's message about the state, he tweeted that "Abdul Malik al-Houthi sent to give alligance to  Nasrallah as imam because Zaidi believes that the imam besides being a Fatimid Alawite should be standing by the sword, Nasrallah's response was that the allegiance should be in Tehran instead of Beirut, and that Nasrallah said the allegiance in the hands of another master, Khamenei."

Baqerzadeh explained that the above incident occurred years ago, but the delegation's visit and Abdeslam's reference to the issue of the Mandate linked them.

For his part, writer and journalist Abdul Qadir Fayez, who lives in Tehran, said that the timing of this meeting came, on the ground, after the fall of Aden militarily and security at the expense of the legitimacy of President Hadi, and politically, after the UAE's rotation towards Iran, and Saudi words of the need to stop the war in Yemen, and finally after the Houthis turned to a srong side  after the equation of the drones.

In the meaning of the meeting, Fayez added in a tweet: This meeting can be called a true culmination that (Ansar Allah) has become part of the "axis of resistance" led by Iran in the region, and by fact the results, (Ansar Allah) as a movement will be an integral part of the future of the new Yemen and this is very important for Iran especially in the geopolitical sense."


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