1,500 teachers killed, 2,400 injured by Houthi group

1,500 teachers killed, 2,400 injured by Houthi group

More than 1,500 teachers have been killed by Houthi militants during the country's four-year war, said Yahya Al-Yana’ee, media officer of the Yemeni Teachers' Union.

Nearly 2,400 workers in the education sector in Yemen have suffered various gunshot injuries, some of which have resulted in permanent disabilities, al- Yana’ee said in a statement to Al-Masdar Online.

He explained that armed clashes in villages and cities, indiscriminate shelling of schools and populated areas of citizens, torture in prison basements, and the planting of mines and explosive devices in residential neighborhoods, farms and roads by Houthi militia elements, resulted in so many victims among teachers.

Al- Yana’ee said the union has documented 32 cases of enforced disappearance of teachers abducted by Houthi militias from their homes and schools, none of whom have been seen since, and their families have not received any answer from the Houthis about their fate.

He pointed out that Sana'a has the highest percentage of hidden people by "12", then Sa'da governorate with 6 teachers kidnapped by Houthi militia in 2009 while returning from the city of Sa'da carrying Eid clothes for their children, and they have not seen since.

Al-Ya'ai said al-Houthi militia demolished 44 teachers' homes and leveled them to the ground using mines in the provinces of Sa'da, Amran, Hajjah and Sana'a.

He said 60% of the 290,000 people in The Education Sector in Russia have not been paid regularly for three years.

More than 9,000 displaced teachers do not receive their salaries per month, making them unable to meet their basic living and living needs.

He called on the competent authorities and the international community to protect educators in Yemen, to conduct credible investigations into all the killings, disappearances, arrests and various humanitarian violations against teachers, to provide public explanations of the investigation of these crimes and to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.


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