"Transitional" forces retake Ma'ashiq Palace and looting its contents

"Transitional" forces retake Ma'ashiq Palace and looting its contents

Al-Masdar online has known and through several sources that gunmen belonging to the so-called Southern Transitional Council (STC) attacked the presidential palace in Maaasheq, in the interim capital Aden in southern Yemen, and forced a small group of its guards to leave.

A source in the palace's guard told Al-Masdar Online that a small group of presidential protection personnel who remained there after the palace was attacked last week were forced to leave and the attackers began looting the palace's contents.

According to the source, Saudi forces were stationed near the palace gate, but their personnel did not intervene to intercept the attackers or stop the looting.

Residents saw armed men and armored vehicles  loaded with furniture and equipment from Ma'ashiq Palace disappear in various destinations.

Armored vehicles and vehicles belonging to the Southern Transitional Forces stormed the palace and regained control, witnesses confirmed to al-Masdar Online.

The presidential palace in Maashiq area is the headquarters of the legitimate government, and houses several buildings, offices and residences for the president to stay in during his stay during the period when Aden was declared an interim capital, following the Houthis' takeover of the capital Sanaa in early 2015.


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