Ben Adayo: Shabwa toppled the coup of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Militias

Ben Adayo: Shabwa toppled the coup of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Militias

Shabwa Governor Mohammed Saleh bin Adayo said the province has completely toppled the UAE-backed transitional militia coup, as well as the coup of Houthi militias, stressing that the next stage is to heal the wounds and open a new page of tolerance.

"We did not choose this war and we did not wish it to happen and we made all the concessions, but they closed all the doors and mobilized all their forces of armored vehicles if the national army had a few of them to shorten the time to defeat the Iranian militias," the governor said in a statement.

The governor accused the military formations established and trained by the UAE and its weapons of attacking military, security and corporate personnel, and vandalizing and blowing up oil and gas pipelines.

He stressed that the projects of rebellion against the state and the manufacture of entities and militias parallel became something that cannot be accepted or dealt with, directing the men of the army and security to deal with the morals of war with the fighters deceived and pardon the detainees and return them to their families honorably and preserve public and private property and secure the capital of the province and address the shortcomings in the services caused by these events.

He explained that the directives of His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his follow-up played a greater role in raising morale and making the victory over the militias of the Transitional Council, praising the role of brothers in Saudi Arabia in supporting legitimacy and preserving state institutions.

In the past few days, the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa province, witnessed violent clashes between elite forces, reinforced by military formations of the security belt, weapons, equipment and vehicles of the UAE forces in Camp Balhaf, with the joint forces of the legitimate government, resulting in the failure of attacks Militants loyal to the Transitional Council and the UAE, taking control of their camps and other locations on the outskirts and surroundings of the City of Ataq.


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