Houthi group directs "Allegiance oath" in 8,000 schools in areas under their control

Houthi group directs "Allegiance oath" in 8,000 schools in areas under their control

Yemeni teachers' union media officer Yahya Al-Yana’ee said that the Houthis have been holding intensive meetings in their areas of control for the new school year for days, and that they are pressuring school administrators and teachers to force students to repeat the so-called " Allegiance oath " in the morning queue.

He added that the group is trying by this behavior to generalize its experience in Sa'da governorate to all areas under its control, where all sa'da students in the morning queue since 2014 and shout daily at the end of the morning queue instead of the national anthem.

Al- Yana’ee revealed in a statement to "Al-Masdar Online" that the Houthi group made 234 amendments to the curriculum books for the basic and secondary stages "2014 edition", without consulting the curriculum committee.

It suspended the work of the Curriculum Committee, prevented it from holding its meetings and carrying out its functions, and replaced it with another committee set up by Yahya al-Houthi, includes academics loyal to his group.

Al- Yana’ee said that the so-called "educational section" in the Houthi group is the one that oversees the educational process, and that the amendments included Arabic language courses, Islamic education and history, which "reflects the reality of the Houthi orientation by attracting young people towards the group's ideas and general approach."


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