3 injured in renewed clashes between local gunmen north of Aden

3 injured in renewed clashes between local gunmen north of Aden

Local residents and eyewitnesses told Al-Masdar Online that gunmen and one civilian were injured Wednesday afternoon in clashes between local gunmen in Sheikh Osman district north of the southern city of Aden in renewed armed clashes a month ago between gunmen belonging to the directorates Dar Saad and Sheikh Osman.

A local source told Al-Masdar Online that light and medium weapons used in the clashes and expanded in the neighborhoods linking sheikh Osman and Dar Saad.

Eyewitnesses said that gunmen from al-Sila neighborhood in Sheikh Othman clashed with gunmen from al-Mahariq neighborhood of Dar Saad district in connection with the assassination of a young man from al-Sila neighborhood and accusation of his family and colleagues to a gunmen from al-Mahariq neighborhood of being behind the assassination.

Armed clashes between gunmen belonging to the two regions about a month ago led to the death of 3 people and many wounded on both sides, including civilians, and the calming efforts launched by the ministry of interior at the time and the security belt forces failed to stop the armed confrontations that renewed at noon Wednesday in parallel with the fading presence of the government in Aden and the Transitional Council being busy with the task of establishing its authority and reducing the presence of local opponents in the city, which has been under the control of the UAE-backed council since August 10.

Not long ago, local sources in Dar Saad district north of Aden said that military vehicles and armored vehicles belonging to the security forces and units from the Security Department of Lahj province entered the city center to start a security campaign that they said was targeting terrorist elements behind the chaos in the city.

A private source told "Al-Masdar Online" that the campaign targets some elements that have been found to be involved in security breaches in the city, but it also represents a cover-up of a comprehensive campaign to arrest many local gunemn loyal to the legitimate government on the one hand, and to reduce the presence of some local figures and activists opposing the Transitional Council in the Directorate.


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