Planning Minister calls on donors to meet commitments to fund Humanitarian Response Plan in Yemen

Planning Minister calls on donors to meet commitments to fund Humanitarian Response Plan in Yemen

Yemeni Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Najib al-Awaj on Friday called on the international community and donors to abide by their funding commitments to the humanitarian response plan to respond to humanitarian disasters caused by militias in Yemen.

He made the announcement during his participation in the High-Level Strategic Dialogue conference on international support for the peace process in Yemen, organized by the German Foreign Ministry at its headquarters in Berlin.

The conference was attended by UN Secretary-General Martin Griffiths' envoy, UN Resident Coordinator in Yemen Liz Grande, as well as international donors and officials from the region.

In his paper, Minister Al-Awaj stressed the importance of international organizations working in Yemen to promote full transparency at work, including the publication of financial statements explaining how the aid they receive is distributed and zero tolerance for corruption in all its forms and work to conduct reviews. Internal offices in Yemen, periodic monitoring and conducting the necessary investigations as appropriate.

The Minister of Planning also called on donors and international organizations to make a comprehensive correction of the mechanism of relief work in Yemen by adopting the principle of decentralization in the distribution of aid, reviewing the lists of local partners and staff working in these organizations and ensuring that aid is delivered to those eligible without Discrimination and expansion of partnerships to include local institutions and the private sector through measures to enhance food security and provide affordable basic food commodities to citizens in all regions of the Republic of Yemen, as well as to bank funds under the supervision of the Central Bank of Aden.

The minister's paper included the Yemeni government's vision in the political, economic, development and humanitarian aspects and its initiatives in overcoming the crisis, stressing that the Yemeni government's first choice was and will remain peace and will remain hands extended to peace once the intentions of the coup d'état to end the coup.

The minister stressed the role of the international community in supporting the restoration of the state and stability and the implementation of the Stockholm agreement  in all its aspects.


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