The UAE announces the death of six of its soldiers "in an unknown place." Yemen or Libya?!

The UAE announces the death of six of its soldiers "in an unknown place." Yemen or Libya?!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on Friday evening that six of its soldiers had been killed "in the course of their national duty in the ground of operations", which did not clearly specify its scene.

The UAE News Agency (WAM) published a statement attributing the killing of the soldiers to Military vehicle collision on the ground of operations.

The Associated Press quoted Yemeni officials as saying that Emirati soldiers were killed in Shabwa province, without giving further details.

The Emirati version sparked controversy over the whereabouts of the Emirati soldiers killed and the reasons for hiding the place, so that the news of their possible death varies not from one region to another in Yemen, but rather in Yemen or Libya.

However, there are no more caveats to hide the news of the killing of soldiers in Yemen, where its forces are in the thousands and control its internal affairs as a closer to occupy authority as per the statements of Yemeni ministers and officials, the concealment of the place might be due to occurring in Libya, where the UAE supports the rebellion of Khalifa Haftar forces against the government of Internationally recognized led by Faiza Al-Sarraj.

Social media accounts circulated reports of attacks on an Emirati armored vehicle in Khormaksar, Aden, before the UAE's official announcement, without clearly confirming the presence of Emirati soldiers.

Adel al-Hasani, a leader of the Southern Resistance, who is opposed to the UAE presence in Yemen, said the armored vehicle targeted Thursday night in Aden was carrying an Emirati officer.

But another trending story on social media refers to the killing of soldiers in Libya.

The Jordanian journalist and former director of Al Jazeera, Yasser Abu Hellala, said that the news in Libya said that Emirati soldiers were killed at al-Jafr air base in an air strike on the air force of the Al-Wefaq forces.

The Libyan army spokesman was quoted as confirming the targeting of the main operating room of al-Jafr air base, which was occupied by foreign officers from a regional aggressor state and destroyed with the killing of its six officers."

Abu Hellala later said in another tweet that the UAE did not announce the location of the killing of its soldiers, which is conclusive evidence that they were killed in the wrong place that their country is ashamed to reveal to its citizens.

States that respected their citizens were proud of the battlefields in which they had died and were not ashamed to mention them. He wondered: "Secret tasks for the benefit of who? "

He was also surprised to see the description of martyrs on those who died in a car accident.

According to Reuters, more than 100 Emirati soldiers have been killed in Yemen since the coalition intervened in March 2015.


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