Griffith: Attacks on Aramco could blow up the entire region

Griffith: Attacks on Aramco could blow up the entire region

the un envoy to Yemen, martin Griffiths, called on the security council and the international community to take urgent action to prevent Yemen’s fragmentation and to confront the ongoing war as a 'cancer', spreading to the threat of the Yemeni state.

This was made in a briefing on Monday, at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Yemen.

In his briefing on developments in southern Yemen, Griffiths said it was "a clear call for an urgent end to the conflict and there is a real danger of Yemen’s fragmentation."

He condemned the Southern Transitional Council's "unacceptable" attempts to control the state.

"We can no longer waste more time before moving forward with negotiations aimed at finding a political solution to the crisis, so I appeal to everyone and warn against the worrying military escalation," he added.

On Hodeidah, he said: "The mechanism of the ceasefire and the trilateral lull has been activated and a joint operations center has been established. At the same time, the parties have received an amended proposal for the first phase of redeployment the decision is their decision now."

He warned of the repercussions of the attacks on Saudi Aramco, which led to "major disruptions in the production of crude oil, and this will have repercussions beyond logic, and would "blow up the whole region", but he returned and said that "it is not clear who is behind these attacks that keep Yemen away from peace." The Houthis adoption of the attack is a dangerous escalation, he added.

The UN envoy pledged to do more "with relevant Yemeni stakeholders." He noted that he would begin "informal, systematic discussions with various stakeholders, including representatives of political parties, public figures and women, to discuss the most important elements of the political and security arrangements that should be contained in a comprehensive peace agreement.

At the end of his briefing, Griffiths acknowledged that he was presenting the Security Council with a "bleak picture of the situation in Yemen", calling on the Council to act urgently to stop the war in Yemen and achieve peace.


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