Saudi newspaper warns: "Transitional" seeks to blow up the situation in Hadhramaut

Saudi newspaper warns: "Transitional" seeks to blow up the situation in Hadhramaut

A Saudi newspaper on Tuesday revealed efforts by the so-called UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council to blow up the situation in Hadhramaut, eastern Yemen.

Saudi newspaper Okaz quoted informed Yemeni sources as saying that pro-transitional elements are holding meetings and are mobilizing the street to blow up the security situation.

The newspaper did not give further details of the moves to the STC.

Hadhramaut is in a state of anticipation after a committee calling itself the "Committee for escalation for Hadramout’s rights" announced its intention to implement popular escalation steps.

The committee, which was convened by a meeting of the Hadhramaut Mosque conference led by Hadhramaut’s undersecretary Amr Ben Habrish, including members of the southern transitional council.

The High Committee for Escalation approved the establishment of a mass escalation event in Mukalla next Sunday, to demand Hadramout’s rights.

The committee calls for raising the ceiling of Hadhramout from the sale of its oil to 50% instead of 20% and implementing the president's directives to Petromsila to approve the construction of a gas power plant for the Hadhramaut coast with a capacity of 200 megawatt  instead of 100 mega.

The committee also calls on the government to commit Petromesila to work to provide fuel urgently and continuously to the electricity of Hadhramaut province and to change the leadership of the state oil company Petromsila.

Hadhramaut provincial leadership has already confirmed its position to keep Hadhramaut away from the conflict in neighboring provinces.

However, the escalation against the legitimate government in Hadhramaut continues, starting with the organization of the Transitional Council a popular event earlier this month in the city of Mukalla, the capital of Hadhramaut province in support of the armed rebellion in Aden.


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