Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman: Aramco attack did not come from Yemen but came from the north with the support of Iran

Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman: Aramco attack did not come from Yemen but came from the north with the support of Iran

The Saudi Ministry of Defense has announced that Iran and its proxies were involved in the attack on the Aramco oil facility, and that the attacks came from the north of the kingdom, not from Yemen, as claimed by Tehran-backed Houthi militias.

Defense Ministry spokesman Turki al-Maliki said, "Saudi Arabia has evidence that the terrorist attack on Aramco facilities did not originate from Yemen despite Iran's efforts to make it appear to be originated from Yemen, and that the attack originated from the north and was undoubtedly supported by Iran."

Al-Maliki said at a press conference Wednesday evening, at the Saudi Defense Ministry headquarters in Riyadh, that the attack was carried out by 25 Iranian-made Drones aircraft "Delta-Wong", seven missiles, including cruise missiles (Ya Ali), and three missiles did not hit their targets.

The ministry showed pictures of the remnants of missiles targeting the Aramco factories in Bqaiq and Khreis. "We have evidence of Iran's involvement in acts of sabotage in the region through its agents," the ministry said.

Al-Maliki added that Saudi Arabia has evidence of the attack that did not come from Yemen as "Iran's arms claimed," adding that "the Aramco attack targeted not only Saudi Arabia but also the international community and energy security," and called on the international community to deal with Iran's pernicious practices in the region.

He said the target factory was outside the range of aircraft flying from Houthi militia areas, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

The ministry spokesman said "We shared the results of the investigation into the attack on Aramco’s two sites with our allies,". He added that the attack on "Baqiq" and "Khreis" is an extension of previous attacks supported by Iran.

Al-Maliki stressed that Iran is behind attacks on civilians in Saudi Arabia through its proxies in Yemen, revealing that the attack on Aramco came from the north and certainly was supported by Iran.

Turki al-Maliki announced that Iranian-made Drones delta-wong aircraft participated in the attack on Aramco. He showed a clip showing that the drones that attacked Aramco's two factories were flying from the north to the south.

The ministry spokesman also confirmed that the "cruise" accurate missiles (Ya Ali) were used in the attack on the two  Aramco sites, and that the drones that attacked the two facilities used an advanced positioning system, pointing out that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced last February possession of an advanced model of those Rocket.

Al-Maliki showed photographs of the missiles that had been examined and the information indicated his Iranian origin.

He said 25 drone  aircraft and cruise missiles were used to attack on the two facilities in Saudi Arabia, noting that three missiles did not hit their targets in the attack.

The spokesman said that Saudi Arabia has collected enough information from the remnants of the missiles to know who was behind the attack, stressing that "those who fired drones and missiles will take responsibility."

"We will continue to investigate the attack on Aramco through accredited international channels," he said. "We are proud of the capability of our air defenses, which have repelled more than 200 ballistic missiles," al-Maliki said.


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