Coalition commander killed in Hadramaut Valley and four soldiers in targeting military patrol in Shebam city

Coalition commander killed in Hadramaut Valley and four soldiers in targeting military patrol in Shebam city

The commander of the coalition forces (Saudi nationality) was killed in the Hadramaut Valley and four of his companions in a violent explosion targeting military vehicles, Wednesday morning, in the city of Shebam in Hadhramauti province in eastern Yemen.

A military source told Al-Masdar online that the explosion targeted a military patrol of the first military zone deployed in Hadhramauti valley, which was carrying the commander of the Forces of the Arab coalition in The Valley of Hadramaut Brigadier General "Abu Nawaf", who was killed along with four other soldiers, including two Saudi soldiers and two Yemenis, in addition to injuring About a dozen other soldiers were injured.

He said the blast killed and wounded other soldiers of the Yemeni government, without giving details of their number and military ranks.

The operation comes two days after a military force of the first military zone deployed in Hadhramaut Valley raided a den where security-wanted elements were holed up in The City of Shebam.

A military source said that violent clashes broke out between the army's Hadramout Special Task Battalion and gunmen linked to acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks targeting a military force last week.

Last Thursday, a soldier and a citizen were injured in the targeting of gunmen of a military force of the Al-Hadarim Battalion, stationed in the historic city of Shebam in the Hadhramaut Valley in eastern Yemen.

Last week, terrorist elements targeted a force from the first military zone on a security reinforcement mission in Shebam district by detonating a motorcycle bomb that burned three cars, injuring a soldier with moderate burns and wounding another citizen.

Earlier this month, Hadhramaut Provincial Undersecretary for Valley and Desert Affairs Issam al-Katheri launched the force and security deployment in five districts in Hadhramaut Valley. Eastern Yemen.

The security deployment included the provision of vehicles and personnel from the Special Task Force (Al-Hadharim Battalion) of the 1st Military Region, in the Districts of Sah, Sieyun, Shebam, Qattan and Tarim.

Al-Qattanand Shebam directorates in particular witnessed killings and assassinations of civilians, military and security personnel as a result of the targeting of security headquarters and the end of the near-complete role of its security services.

Most of the Hadhramaut Valley directorates are in poor security conditions as a result of poor support, which has caused significant disruption in recent years.


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