Houthis impose radio guidance that turns schools into sectarian incubators and recruitment camps

Houthis impose radio guidance that turns schools into sectarian incubators and recruitment camps

The media officer of the Yemeni Teachers' Union warned that the Houthis will continue to destroy the education sector in a way that "transforms schools into Iranian incubators and Husseiniyas that teach sectarianism and mobilize young people to the front lines of the fighting."

Al-Yanaei explained in an interview with "Al-Masdar Online" that the latest steps of Houthi tampering with the education sector were the generalization of several Notebooks "books" under the name of "school radio guide", which included four axes: the axis of cultural topics, the axis of national events, the axis of religious events, and the axis of aggression on Yemen and its effects.

The imposition of a daily paragraph on the school radio under the name "From the words of the wise leadership" chosen from the speeches of the group's leader Abdul Malik and his brother Hussein al-Houthi's notebooks.

The Houthis control Sanaa and a large area of central, northern and western Yemen, which is home to the largest population in Yemen.

Al- Yanaei said that the Notes of the radio directory with its four axes contains speeches, poems, judgments, songs and selected words to be delivered on the school radio promoting the ideas of the Houthi and the Iranian sectarian culture and inciting violence, fighting, racism, hatred and social discrimination. He stressed that many of the paragraphs of the guide include the department of the state and the so-called allegiance to the Houthis and his descendants and the obligation to follow them and their right to rule and authority.

According to the union official, the so-called "axis of religious events" in the radio guide included words and paragraphs on 9 occasions, first Eid al-Ghadeer, then the Battle of Karbala, the life of Zaid bin Ali, Yahya bin Hussein, who came from the north of the Arab island and occupied Sa'da and parts of Yemen a thousand years ago, the birth of Zahra, and the Gathering of Rajab. And the battle of Badr, and the life of Al-Qasim bin Mohammed.

He added that the events they called "patriotism" included the anniversary of the “Scream”, the anniversary of the death of Hussein al-Houthi, the anniversary of the martyr, and the anniversary of the coup against the state on September 21st, with the anniversary of the storm of beams!! Under the title "The Anniversary of the Saudi-American Aggression."

Al- Yanaei explained that the "Houthi group sent a message to impose the radio guidance and threaten school principals in case they do not comply with it, as stated in the letter: Send you the radio guide and its interlocutors to work with it during the school year, each school use it and prints it and the work and compliance with what is contained in it and will be field visitation for the implementation.""

The "Al-Masdar Online" obtained a model of the guidance circulated by the Houthi group as a guide for the school radio, which is the first educational thing received by students during the morning queue, which included one model for the presentation of radio paragraphs obliging students to perform daily wisdom from the words of Sahabi Ali bin Abi Talib As such, "In order for man to gain access, he must be guided by the figures of guidance and remain with the wisdom of the words of Imam Ali."

The application form imposed on all schools under Houthi control also mentioned the phrase "catch a day in the school queue" and "catch the conclusion with the words of our wise leadership delivered by the student...", which includes the first attributed to the leader of the group Abdul Malik al-Houthi and his brother Hussein, who was killed during the suppression of the rebellion in Saada in 2003.

The radio guide, a copy of which was obtained by Al-Masdaronline, includes examples of anachronisms and songs saluting students to join Houthi militias and fight with them on the frontlines against the hypocrites (in reference to the legitimate government and its supporters), as "Living for jihad" for Lotf Al-Qahoum, and "my men." Men.. To the fronts of the battle, the chant "walk in your jihad tall", and the chant of "My nation, "My nation, scream the slogan", which was organized in the manner of the National Anthem of Yemen.

The radio guide included paragraphs accusing those who do not believe in what they call the "Welayah", (an idea that determines the exclusive right of the prophet's dynasty to rule) to the pro-Jews and Christians, as the models contained many paragraphs such as "The alternative to the mandate that was provided on the day of the Ghadir is the state of the Jews and Christians."

The lieutenant went on to offer ironic myths, as in the paragraph "Do you know": "Did you know that the first to celebrate the mandate was the Prophet Mohammed!!! ".

Teacher union official Yahya Al-Yanaie warned against continuing to use education within the factional, political and military interests ,"because the effects of this recruitment will go beyond the individual to the social depth and hit with its dangers the pillars of social stability, and establish long-term civil conflicts and wars."

Al- Yanaie said that the protection of education in Yemen is now an urgent necessity in view of existing concerns, and called for local, regional and international legal protection to stop all attempts to militarize and prolong education and to deter any attempts to target its institutions.


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