Houthis retake areas in 'Al-Malaheedh in Sa'ada and government forces retreat toward Saudi border

Houthis retake areas in 'Al-Malaheedh in Sa'ada and government forces retreat toward Saudi border

On Sunday evening, Al-Houthi militias took control of a number of areas in the Al- Malaheedh directorate in Sa'da governorate in northern Yemen.

A military source told Al-Masdar Online that al-Houthi militias carried out a large-scale attack and a bypass operation in al- Malaheedh area of al-Zahir directorate, enabling them to advance and control areas that were under the control of military brigades loyal to the legitimate government.

According to the source, this operation resulted in the collapse of the brigades of the Al- Malaheedh axis, which operate directly under the supervision of the Coalition (Saudi Forces).

The source did not specify the areas controlled by the Houthis, nor did the source get until the time of writing the news (1:00 am Monday) a specific number of casualties, but it was confirmed that the operation carried out by the Houthis enabled them to advance over distances, and caused a collapse among the forces loyal to To the legitimate government.

The military brigades of the Al- Malaheedh axis had long ago taken control of the Directorate of Malaheedh, and the pro-government forces there consisted of three military brigades (Al-Orouba Brigade commander Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim al-Sed’ee, commander of  Storm brigade Brigadier General Mohammed al-Ajabi, special brigade led by Brigadier Ali Al-Mas’abi.

According to the details provided by the military source to Al-Masdar online, the Al-Orouba Brigade withdrew from the market of al- Malaheedh and retreated about 10 kilometers to preserve the human forces and avoid a fate similar to what happened to the forces in the Valley of Abu Jubbara in Ketaf district and the other brigades withdrew towards the Saudi border.


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