Sudanese newspaper: Sovereign Council withdraws 10,000 troops from Yemen and will not send new troops

Sudanese newspaper: Sovereign Council withdraws 10,000 troops from Yemen and will not send new troops

A Sudanese opposition newspaper has revealed that 10,000 Sudanese troops have withdrawn from the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces in Yemen

The Sudanese newspaper "Al-Tayyar", in its issue on Wednesday, that the vice president of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, Mohammed Hamdan Daqlu "Hamidti" confirmed during a tripartite meeting held Tuesday, in the presence of representatives of the Sovereign Council and ministerial and forces of freedom and change, "Withdrawal of 10 thousand soldiers from his forces in Yemen and their return to their country."

The newspaper, quoting unnamed informed sources, saying that "Hamidti" indicated that he did not want to send new troops to Yemen alternative to the forces that arrived in the capital Khartoum, without further details.

Sudan, as part of the Saudi-led Arab coalition since March 2015, has been engaged in rapid support on three fronts in Yemen as well as the Saudi border.

The exact size of the Sudanese forces involved in the war in Yemen is not known, but over the past years full brigades have been involved in field operations on the west coast and Midi and Hayran fronts in northern Hajjah province.

In addition, units of Sudanese forces are stationed at al-Anad base in Lahj province, as well as other forces who were present at an Arab coalition camp in the interim capital Aden, while Houthi and Iranian media report Sudanese forces stationed at the Saudi border.

There was no denial from the official authorities in Sudan, nor did there issue any comment as of 6:10 p.m. from the Arab Coalition leadership on the withdrawal.

A military source told Al-Masdar Online at early October that Sudanese army forces, including a number of soldiers and some military vehicles, left Aden via the port of Al-Zeit.

This came a day after they left positions at the coalition headquarters in Buraiqa, Bir Ahmed Camp, and a number of coalition camps and positions on the west coast, which were handed over earlier this month to forces belonging to the pro-UAE Tarek Saleh.

In the middle of the month, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces Osman Mohammed Al-Hussein, during his meeting with the military attaché of the Yemeni embassy in Khartoum, confirmed the stay of his country's military forces and continued their participation in the coalition to support legitimacy in support of the legitimate government.

The president of the Sovereign Council, the Sudanese prime minister and a number of officials and ministers confirmed in repeated statements the continuation of their country's forces in Yemen and their participation in the Saudi-led coalition, despite calls by demonstrators who overthrew President Omar al-Bashir, and political forces to withdraw the forces Sudanese from Yemen.


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