UAE announces return of troops from Aden after handing over Saudi forces, says it will continue to fight terrorism in Yemen

UAE announces return of troops from Aden after handing over Saudi forces, says it will continue to fight terrorism in Yemen

The UAE's General Command announced Wednesday that the UAE joint force operating in Yemen's Aden province has returned to the country after fulfilling its tasks of "liberating and securing Aden" and handing it over to Saudi and Yemeni forces.

This was stated in a statement issued by the UAE armed forces published by the state-run WAM news agency.

"The handover of Aden to Saudi and Yemeni forces was carried out responsibly and in accordance with a systematic military strategy, to ensure the preservation of military achievements, and the handover process ended with complete success," the statement said.

The UAE General Command statement noted the role of its forces returning from Aden in liberating the city and surrounding areas "from the Houthi coup and preventing Iranian infiltration aimed at controlling the Yemeni state."

The UAE statement claimed that the withdrawal and handover of the city to Saudi forces was based on "strategic plans adopted by the Arab Coalition Command to hand Aden over Aden to Saudi and Yemeni forces."

"UAE forces, in cooperation with brotherly and friendly forces, will continue their war against terrorist organizations in southern Yemen and other regions," the statement said, without giving further details on the nature of the war that Abu Dhabi forces will continue to fight.

Over the past few days, Saudi forces have arrived in Aden and yesterday began deploying in the vicinity of the presidential palace and vital positions in the city, while forces from the presidential protection of the Yemeni government arrived in the city of Shabwa on their way to Abyan and then Aden according to Military sources."

On Sunday, the Arab Coalition said in a statement issued by the Joint Forces Command in Yemen, "The coalition forces have been repositioned in Aden to be Saudi-led and redeployed in accordance with the requirements of current operations."

The new arrangements were "part of their ongoing efforts to coordinate plans for military and security operations in Yemen and to strengthen humanitarian and relief efforts," the statement said.

Pro-UAE forces are in full control of the city, after the Abu Dhabi-backed Transitional Council led a military rebellion that led to the end of government forces on August 10.

According to several sources, the departure of the UAE forces and the handover of Saudi forces to the coalition missions in Aden, in accordance with understandings with the Yemeni and Saudi governments, as part of the consultations that led to the Riyadh agreement, which is to be officially signed tomorrow between the STC and the Yemeni government."

The Yemeni government has accused the UAE of executing and planning a military coup led by the Transitional Council in Aden, and President Hadi demanded in a presidential statement shortly after the army forces in Aden and Abyan were subjected to raids by the Saudi monarch and the kingdom's leadership to intervene and stop the blatant attacks on the Armed forces and on their way to extend state authority in liberated areas.


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