Saudi private plane carrying officials to attend Riyadh agreement

On Thursday, a saudi private plane transported a delegation from the Authority and what so-called Reference of Hadramaut Valley Tribes headed by Hadramout Valley undersecretary Essam Al-Katheri to the Kingdom to attend the signing of the Riyadh Agreement.

The delegation, which left Sieyun airport on Thursday, included Sheikh Abdullah Saleh al- Katheri, advisor to the president, head of the Hadhramaut Valley Tribal reference , Sheikh Awad Salem bin Munif al-Jabri and Al-Hakam Salem Mohsen bin Nahid.

According to The Hadhramaut Valley reference , Agent Essam al-Katheri said that as part of his visit to Saudi Arabia, the delegation will follow up on a number of issues and claims concerning the directorates of Wadi Hadhramaut and Al-Sahara with the Prime Minister and the Leadership of the Arab Alliance.

A private Saudi plane took yesterday, first deputy governor Hadhramaut Amr bin Habrish to Riyadh to attend the signing ceremony, while the governor of the province has been there for more than a month.

The participation of the Hadhrami parties came after receiving Saudi assurances that all parties would be included in subsequent consultations, according to an official source at Hadhramaut Valley Authority.

Tribal and civil political figures and components expressed their dissatisfaction due to lack of representation in the Riyadh agreement consultations, threatening not to recognize its outputs.


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